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Cheese, the ultimate uniter

When all else fails. Cheese.

Fromage, queso, juust, keju, branza…no matter what language you say it in, cheese is love. Period. Full stop. End of discussion because I’m just about to eat some more love. Give me a moment to savour that sweet savoury cheesey love <3

Right….now that we are back to reality (because let’s face it, delighting in cheese allows you to step away from reality for brief moments of pure joy), you’re probably wondering why we at MAE are all about the cheese.

It’s quite simple really….cheese is the ultimate uniter. In the thousands of events we have run for our people, the cheese section of our tables and spreads are where everyone gravitates to first. Grab some lavosh, knife off a few chunks of cheese, turn to the person next to you, and start the talk about favourite types of cheese, favourite wine and chocolate to pair with cheese, why life would be utterly dismal without cheese…and suddenly…you have made a new friend!

From Brie’s to Stilton’s, to Blue over Swiss and back around to the old favourite; Camembert. Cheese just makes you feel good. In fact, our old buddies at Michigan University have scientifically proven that the brain’s receptors are triggered by the high levels of casein in cheese. Which translates to the same kind of high you find in a white powder commonly available in Mexico…so go with cheese every time people because a) cheese is not illegal or b) harmful to your nervous system!

To close out our cheese fest blog, let us present you with some chedderiffic facts about this divine dairy deliciousness:

  • Somewhere between 7500 and 6000 BC is when the first cheese was made….that’s old!
  • High in protein, cheese can actually help you maintain a healthy weight, as snacking on cheese in moderation will help you avoid snacking on junk food. Woohoo!
  • Hard cheese is (almost) completely lactose free! Yes, its true…hard cheese contain pretty much none of the natural sugar found in milk. Indeed, many cheeses are happily low in lactose (but always check with your Doctor if you are not sure).
  • Mice don’t really like cheese! Mind….blown! Tom and Jerry much prefer sugary sweet snacks, according to a 2006 study…which is fine because that’s more for us to eat!
  • Like fruit, cheese ripens. If you are selecting soft wheel cheeses like camembert and brie, squeeze them gently like an avocado. Just like an avo, if they are hard, they are not ready to be eaten. You can thank us at our next event for that tip.

Our final word before we go back to munching on cheese and some cheeky grapes….MAE selects cheese from local suppliers and farms wherever possible. Why? Because even though we know French made cheese has a great reputation, so do the incredible cheeses from our local QLD farms and we support local in every way that we can. From farm to plate is great mate and something we at MAE celebrate!


Candi Boxes – The Delicious Treat

Hey Candi

You so fine

You so fine

You blow my mind

Hey Candi!


We couldn’t be more chuffed to introduce t.h.e sweetest new addition to the My Alter Ego family…..Candi!

Inspired by all things sweet and good, we’ve launched 3 Candi edition boxes; each beautifully presented with 12 reusable sections filled with the type of yummy that gives you those delicious shivers up and down your spine. Here is the low down on our current Candi creations:

  • Sugar Mama is all about the sweets and the lollies. A straight up sugar hit that will make every other gift pale in comparison at the next party you’re booked in for, or the upcoming anniversary. There is simply no better way to show the sweet love of your life how much you adore them than with the incredibly beautiful-to-look-at and even-better-to-eat Sugar Mama.


  • The Choc Blocker won’t be leaving anyone unsatisfied after they wrap their lips around the tasty awesomeness in this big boy! We selected 12 of the finest chocolates we could find, placed them oh-so-delicately into the Choc Blocker box and sealed them with love. No matter how much of a chocolate fiend you are, The Choc Blocker has got you covered!


  • The Nut Nibbler tongue twister….how many nuts can a nut nibbler nibble!?! As many as they like with our Nut Nibbler box! To balance the palate of any nut nibbler, we’ve teamed up a joygasmic mixture of dried fruits with our nuts to deliver savoury and sweet all in one. Throw in some wine and cheese, and you my friend, have a picnic in a box right there.

These babies are available for delivery Australia wide…which just reminded us of something…Babies! Watch the Candi space on our website because in just a few short weeks we’ll be revealing “It’s a Boy” and “It’s a Girl” colour themed boxes. If you have a big reveal planned for the bun in the oven, then get in contact with us now as the Candi Baby box comes with the option of a gender reveal spin to wow your friends and family and have your Instagram account going wild!

If no babies are planned, we still have your back. Think Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter – but don’t worry about what you need to gift because we will be releasing speciality Candi boxes for each of these big days on your calendar. The Candi family is your go-to for an outside of the box gift that is so boxalicious we can hardly contain ourselves!


My Alter Ego Team

The new ‘in’ place to be seen – Your next corporate lunch!

Remember the old double tier tea trolley that your grandma had sitting in her lounge room that was filled with doilies, antique crockery and those little collectable spoons hanging on the wall? We do! That old tea trolley was actually what corporate catering used to look like waaaaaaaaaay back when…we are talking WWII way back when. Tea Ladies were a thing and they used to trundle along with their trolleys from cubicle to cubicle with tea, coffee, cakes and biccies. Too retro cute for words really….but oh my, how corporate catering has changed!

Today the corporate breakfast or lunch is no longer a time to make small chit chat and talk about the weather. In a world riddled with tribes, kanbans and agile, and inundated with techs, disrupters and start-ups, the boring breakfast and lunch meetings have now become thriving idea hubs. And what gets creative juices flowing best at work??….Great food!

The My Alter Ego Team has been privileged to cater for an incredible range of corporate companies who realise that getting the best ideas out of their people needs the best food presented in a way that says, ‘we care about you and we are going to show you we care with this amazing spread!” We think food and catering done right is a brilliant way to show your people you care….and we’ve seen first-hand that one of the best way to an employee’s heart is through their stomach!

As corporate branding becomes even more important to organisations looking to impress, deliver Instagram worthy product launches and seal killer deals, we’ve seen a rise in event planners and executive assistants expecting the crème de la crème of corporate catering, which we deliver time and time again. Our grazing platters have raised the bench in corporate catering because they offer not just an uber cool look to your event, they are loaded with a huge array of locally sourced delectables (yep….we just made that word up) for your people to nibble, munch and devour their way through as they socialise, schmooze and incubate ideas and strategies.

The My Alter Ego team are expert level in delivering incredible catering experiences for the corporate world. You will be wowed, your team will feel loved, and your clients won’t know whether to shake your hand for arranging such a great event or use that free hand to fill another plate!


The My Alter Ego Team

Hold the phone….we have a new website!

Raise your mid-week matcha in a toast! We are live and rocking on our new website, and every step of the way we had you in mind.

In between fashioning gorgeous grazing tables and bringing tastebud tingling life to parties, our team worked day and night on creating a website to completely streamline your catering order experience with My Alter Ego.

Our goal was simple. Keep it simple stupid. We peered over the shoulders of the people who make cool things happen on websites, sense tested colours and designs amongst our team, and kissed goodbye to any ideas of loads of pages that take ages to load. We knew that you would love the idea of minimal clicks to get you straight to the heart and soul of what we do; catering that will blow your socks off. In a nutshell, organising our incredible catering for in and around Brisbane has never been easier!

We’ve created an easy-peasy menu to tab and tap your way into each part of our website effortlessly. Please try not to drool on your computer at the yummy photos ‘cause we almost did uploading them! And we love to chat to our people about what they need so you’ll find an instant messenger down the bottom of our website; throw us a line and we’ll respond to you quicker than you can say 50 Shades of Grazing! Ok, maybe not that quick, but we are speedy responders! (promise).

What will you love about the new MAE website? Well, just like our grazing tables, everything on our website is at your fingertips! View, choose, pick a date, tell us anything special we need to know, pay and boom! Order done!

Our first promise to you is to always provide extraordinary service and the highest quality products so that your event, party, shindig or special day is exactly the way you want it.

Our second promise to you is to keep our website easy-peasy and updated so you can order our ahhmazing boxes, tables, cakes and catering with no fuss and no website navigation headaches!

One more quick heads up on a sweet feature of our website…..blogs! We’ll be uploading a MAE bloggity blog each week filled with what’s happening around the MAE town and with our crew.

Stay classy people and reach out to us if you want to make your next foodie affair incredible and memorable.


The My Alter Ego Team