From intimate grazing boxes for one, two, or maybe a few, to picnics or baby showers; we make grazing a groovy experience. You can order direct from our website using our online ordering options, or contact us for requests that need a ‘little extra.’

We hand-pick a mix of premium, seasonal and gourmet foods for your special box. Our boxes are #FoodGoals, expertly styled by our in-house stylist who knows it’s all about the Instagram shot. Our grazing is so fresh, that we vary the menu based on seasonal availability, giving you unique, amazing food experiences.

Signed sealed and delivered.

Ordering grazing boxes for My Alter Ego takes the stress out of your next event. We deliver to your door 7 days a week. Our food is fresh, handled and prepared by professionals and tastes amazing! We locally source many of our products and use biodegradable packaging where ever possible.

50 Shades of Graze