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Cheese, the ultimate uniter

When all else fails. Cheese.

Fromage, queso, juust, keju, branza…no matter what language you say it in, cheese is love. Period. Full stop. End of discussion because I’m just about to eat some more love. Give me a moment to savour that sweet savoury cheesey love <3

Right….now that we are back to reality (because let’s face it, delighting in cheese allows you to step away from reality for brief moments of pure joy), you’re probably wondering why we at MAE are all about the cheese.

It’s quite simple really….cheese is the ultimate uniter. In the thousands of events we have run for our people, the cheese section of our tables and spreads are where everyone gravitates to first. Grab some lavosh, knife off a few chunks of cheese, turn to the person next to you, and start the talk about favourite types of cheese, favourite wine and chocolate to pair with cheese, why life would be utterly dismal without cheese…and suddenly…you have made a new friend!

From Brie’s to Stilton’s, to Blue over Swiss and back around to the old favourite; Camembert. Cheese just makes you feel good. In fact, our old buddies at Michigan University have scientifically proven that the brain’s receptors are triggered by the high levels of casein in cheese. Which translates to the same kind of high you find in a white powder commonly available in Mexico…so go with cheese every time people because a) cheese is not illegal or b) harmful to your nervous system!

To close out our cheese fest blog, let us present you with some chedderiffic facts about this divine dairy deliciousness:

  • Somewhere between 7500 and 6000 BC is when the first cheese was made….that’s old!
  • High in protein, cheese can actually help you maintain a healthy weight, as snacking on cheese in moderation will help you avoid snacking on junk food. Woohoo!
  • Hard cheese is (almost) completely lactose free! Yes, its true…hard cheese contain pretty much none of the natural sugar found in milk. Indeed, many cheeses are happily low in lactose (but always check with your Doctor if you are not sure).
  • Mice don’t really like cheese! Mind….blown! Tom and Jerry much prefer sugary sweet snacks, according to a 2006 study…which is fine because that’s more for us to eat!
  • Like fruit, cheese ripens. If you are selecting soft wheel cheeses like camembert and brie, squeeze them gently like an avocado. Just like an avo, if they are hard, they are not ready to be eaten. You can thank us at our next event for that tip.

Our final word before we go back to munching on cheese and some cheeky grapes….MAE selects cheese from local suppliers and farms wherever possible. Why? Because even though we know French made cheese has a great reputation, so do the incredible cheeses from our local QLD farms and we support local in every way that we can. From farm to plate is great mate and something we at MAE celebrate!